The Osborne

A New York City landmark that emulates the American Renaissance and was built by true artisans; we feel that it is a privilege to be working so closely with the buildings board members and interior designer Michael Laudatti in order to modernize her elevators but also preserve the buildings essence while contributing to a masterpiece. Walking through her doors you are immediately catapulted into the late 19th century. She flaunts contributions by muralist John La Farge, glass by Tiffany Studios, and sculptures by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. This building is true testament to her time and the grandness of what was yesteryear. With the genius designing of Michael Laudatti, we were able to create an intricate and wonderfully one of a kind elevator. As you call for the elevator and wait, you stand in front of what seems to be an outdated elevator door; the center speed doors then slowly open to reveal a fusion of brass, bronze, mosaic tiles, decorative metals from Julius Blum and W.F. Norman. In the back greets you a beautiful bronze plaque that can be found all over the building. As you look around you notice the dome on the ceiling and when looking even closer you notice that even within the small dome there are hidden details. A mosaic tile lines the inside with cove lights on the inside to give off a halo effect. All of these materials effortlessly blend together giving off  the ambience of a time that once was. Just like the building, this elevator was designed to embody luxury and excess at its peak. A fair contribution to a historic landmark that is nothing less than magnificent.


The materials involved include the following

  • Drop Ceiling: Ceilings clad in laminate. center dome installed to create a recessed light well approximately Interior of dome is tiled. Cast resin wreath installed to frame dome opening.

  • Lighting: (4) puck-sized halogen fixtures.

  • Upper Wall Panels: (6) style and rail recessed panel design framed with brass moldings. Seventh panel in center of back wall contains an ornamental bar relief plaque. Upper Wall surfaces covered with bronze-finish laminate for both styles and rails panels.

  • Lower Wall Panels: Decorative brass stamped panels.

  • Frieze: Repeating brass panels.

  • Fronts & Doors: One (1) Transom, return wall faced with bronze. One (1) center opening door faced with bronze.

  • Reveals: All visible reveals are bronze.

  • Floors: Mosaic Tile.