Q. What is my warranty policy?

A. We are proud to back our workmanship for one year and will make repairs within that year at no charge.


Q. What information do you need from me in order to do an estimate?

A. The quickest and easiest way is for us to do a site visit or if you send us a design or scope if applicable.


Q. I have a designer/architect - can you work with them?

A. If you want to use a specific designer or architect it is most effective to have them involved as early in the process as possible. We'd be happy to work with them.


Q. Am I limited to the design and material choices I see on your website?

A. Absolutely not, we strive to meet your needs and fulfill your vision for your elevator cab renovation. We work with you throughout the process to generate a distinctive, yet affordable product.


Q. do you offer eco-friendly and sustainable materials?

A. Yes, we are proud to offer GreenLam recycled plastic laminate as an alternative to newly sourced laminates. Please contact us so we can discuss our full array of green options for your elevator interior.


Q. What materials can I use when remodeling my elevator?

A. The most common materials found in elevator cabs are plastic laminates, wood veneers, textured stainless steel products and stone. Less common materials involve glass, specialty plastics and mirrors. As long as it passes fire and safety codes, is available on the market, and does not affect the operation of the elevator, it can probably be installed.


Q. I am on a budget, what are my options?

A. Selecting our vertical plastic laminate panels are a pleasing, affordable option that can add the distinct, updated touch you are looking for. Virtually all colors, styles, and finishes for plastic laminates are in the same price range so the choice is yours.


Q. When should I remodel my elevator cab?

A. Cabs begin to show wear and tear in five to seven years, even with a durable material. The most typical time to remodel your elevator cab is during a full equipment modernization, although it is by no means the only time. It is practical during a modernization because an elevator is down for a considerable period of time and a cab remodeling can most effectively be integrated in terms of logistics.


Q. What is this going to cost me?

A. No two renovations are the same and it is complicated to estimate a price without discussing the scope of a project. Our commitment is to remain competitive on price, transparent as to scope and supportive throughout the process. Bear in mind, even if you're in the planning stages and haven't established a budget or timeline to do the work, we would be happy to give you indicative pricing and work with you in terms of value engineering.


Q. What is the process?

A. In general, every cab remodeling project involves the following steps:

- Initial site visit

- Presentation or Project specification given

- Customer selection of design and materials

- Estimate – based on either a site visit or provided details

- Acceptance of bid and execution of contract

- Deposit

- Shop drawings for approval

- Permit Application if necessary

- Scheduling of installation

- Manufacture build order

- Installation – usually 2 -3 days per elevator cab.

- Quality inspection, and walk through


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