The Gouverneur Gardens

The Gouverneur Gardens is a middle-income housing complex located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was constructed in 1963 and is sometimes referred to as the Mary K. Simkhovitch Houses. United Cabs, in conjunction with Centennial Elevator Industries, was contacted by the Gouverneur Gardens property managers in order to assist them in their elevator cab modernization. We subsequently landed a twelve car job with this 675 Water Street, or building VI, being one of our more recent completions. 


The materials involved include the following

  • Ceiling: faced with stainless steel.

  • Lighting: Six (6) l.e.d down lights.

  • Upper Wall Panels: Nine (9) raised removable horizontal panels faced with plastic laminate.

  • Lower Panels: Three (3) raised removable horizontal panels faced with bronze architectural rimex metal.

  • handrails: one (1) faced with stainless steel.

  • reveals, base, & fronts: faced with Stainless steel.

  • Floors: faced with stainless steel studded tile floor.