Stuyvesant Town

Built after World War II by the Metlife Corporation, "Stuy-Town" in conjunction with it's sister complex, Peter Cooper Village, houses more than 20,000 residents. It sits on what used to be 80 acres of farm land owned by none other than Peter Stuyvesant. After Hurricane Sandy swept through New York many thousands of "Stuy-Town" residents were left without heat, power, and elevator service. Some of the complex's elevators suffered great mechanical and aesthetic damage due to the east river over flowing during the storm. Aesthetically there was a lot of saltwater damage to the marble and bronze lining the cabs interior. United Cabs took to the task of reviving the elevator cab to pre-sandy conditions. All stone panels were individually removed  and brought over to our shop where they were hand cleaned, polished, and repaired. The bronze lining of the cab was also removed and cleaned using a special solvent, we then refinished the bronze in order to clear any imperfections and covered it in a clear lacquer to protect the metal from future damage. The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy was a big shock to the nation and especially to the New York Metro area. But just like this elevator, with a little time and effort New York City was revived.


The materials involved include the following

  • Lighting: Two (2) LED lights with white trims.

  • Wall Panels: Panels were individually removed from their current system. Stone was polished, cleaned and repaired where necessary.

  • Handrail: Previous handrail was un-mounted and washed with solvents. The rail was refinished and coated with a clear lacquer.

  • Fronts: new transom was installed along with a new strike post and return wall.

  • Doors: faced with muntz.

  • Floor: Armstrong V.C.T. tile mathcing the previous one was installed.