817 West End Avenue

Conveniently located in the Upper West Side, 817 West End Avenue was is a turn of the century 12 story prewar condominium that recently underwent an elevator and lobby modernization. The elevator features a "style and rail" panel system that allows the passenger to walk into the quintessential elevator. The field of the design is furnished with premium mahogany wood veneer, hard wood mahogany slats and solid wood moldings by Dykes Lumber, which were all stained and lacquered for aesthetics and durability. Along the top of the elevator separating the ceiling from the soffit lays a solid wood mahogany Dykes Lumber crown molding to further compliment the rest of the cab. This elevator speaks to minimalists; those who understand that it doesn't take sparkles and glitter to truly create a masterpiece.


The materials involved include the following

  • Ceiling: Faced with wood veneer which is stained and LACQUERED.

  • Soffit: Fabricated from wood veneer which was stained and LACQUERED.

  • Lighting: One (1) center light fixture at the ceiling.

  • Wall Panels: Three (3) raised removable panels. These panels were manufactured in a "style and rail" system. The field of the deisgn has wood veneer which is stained and LACQUERED. The ''styles " consisits of hard wood slats along with solid wood moldings.

  • Fronts & Doors: One (1) transoms faced with wood which is stained to match walls.