589 5th avenue

589 5th Avenue is a 17 story, mid-century building constructed in 1954 and designed by Emery Roth. The building's exterior is clean and minimalistic, boasting floor to ceiling windows from top to bottom with the exception of an array of back white painted glass surrounding the entrance to H&M's flagship store. Keeping in mind the buildings modern aesthetic, we designed her elevators to feature a blend of materials such as frosted glass, stainless steel, led lights, terrazzo tiles and a beautiful architectural wire mesh by Banker Wire.


The materials involved include the following

  • Drop Ceiling: faced with white painted Stainless steel.

  • lighting: four (4) recessed installed on drop ceiling. L.E.D slim sleek lights installed from ceiling and run from ceiling plane to behind accent mesh panel.

  • Wall panels: three (3) wood core raised REMOVABLE panels faced with back painted frosted glass divided into five (5) sections by STAINLESS steel channel strips. Back wall has a protruding panel faced with ARCHITECTURAL wire mesh by banker Wire..

  • Hand Rail: six (6) stainless steel hand rails.

  • frieze, reveals, base, & fronts: faced with stainless steel.

  • floor: faced with natural stone.