52 riverside drive

Nestled amongst some of the most coveted real estate in NYC is 52 Riverside Drive - a pre-war, luxury, cooperative. Built-in 1925 and designed by Deutsch & Schneider, 52 Riverside Drive recently modernized their only passenger elevator interior. The new interior feature a Stile and Rail design entirely composed of hardwood moldings and wood veneer. The ceiling, the focal piece of the elevator, also features a Stile and Rail drop ceiling matching the rest of the elevator. More impressive is the back-lit grilled soffit which is supported by a minimalist crown molding. Balancing the design are the bronze accents and the classic Black Absolute Granite floor. The new interior, classic in design with touches of modernity, compliments the overall character of the building and prestige of the neighborhood.


the materials involved include the following:

  • drop ceiling: faced with HARDWOOD, including nine (9) hardwood molding.


  • lighting: one (1) center light.

  • wall panels: stile and rail design faced with veneer. panels are trimmed with hardwood molding & FEATURING a safety laminate mirror. all the panel are held in place with aluminum z-clips.

  • base, & fronts: faced with muntz.

  • floor: faced with natural stone.