372 Central Park West

372 Central Park West or the Vaux, as it is also known, is a 19-story, post-war, 414 unit, luxury condominium primely located across from Central Park in New York's Upper West Side. Together with Salazar + Rosselló Architecture, we created an elegant design and meticulously constructed four elevators; Which effortlessly compliment the building's lobby and has since elevated the overall ambiance of the building. The elevators are composed of Wood Veneer, and Taupe Back Painted Glass wall panels, Bronze accents/finishes, and Cream Limestone flooring. While the materials are individually stunning, together they create an aura of luxury, sophistication, and elegance which one would expect when entering a building such as the Vaux.


The Materials involved include the following

  • Drop Ceiling: Faced with White Laminate.

  • Lighting: Furnished L.E.D Strip Lighting.

  • Wall Panels: Faced with Wood veneer and Taupe Safety laminiated glass.  Panels consist of bronze inlays and are held in place by aluminum "z" clips.

  • Reveals: Faced with Muntz.

  • Handrails: one (1) faced with muntz.

  • Base: Faced with Muntz.

  • Floor: Faced with natural stone