350 East 62nd street

Situated in Lenox Hill, 350 East 62nd Street (or the Beekman Condominiums) is a low rise residential building which was erected in 1916 and was formerly purposed as a laundry facility. The Beekman was converted into luxury condos in 1987 and has since housed 93 residencies. Architecturally 350 East 62nd Street is unassuming, with large windows and balconies dominating it's now gray stucco facade. Once inside, however, that all changes; whisking its tenants up and down the buildings six floors are two newly modernized elevators. Starkly contrasting the exterior design of the building, the elevators are impacting - with its beautiful architectural mesh side panels, walnut laminate center panels, and gleaming bronze fronts/reveals. The elevators along with the residencies set the proper ambiance of the building, luxury.


the materials involved include the following

  • drop ceiling: faced with muntz.

  • lighting: six (6) l.e.d down light system.

  • wall panels: Center panels faced with laminate, running horizontally. adjacent panels faced with architectural wire mesh. all the panels are wrapped with muntz binders & held in place with aluminum z-clips.

  • handrail: one (1) faced with muntz.

  • frieze, reveals, base, & fronts: faced with muntz.

  • floor: faced with brass studded tile flooring.