325 west 45th street

325 West 45th Street or The Whitby, was designed by famed architect Emery Roth, who drew inspiration from the ancient Greek "Choragic Monument of Lysicrates" located in present-day France. Completed in 1924, The Whitby was initially constructed as a hotel catering to theatre legends like Betty Grable and Doris Day. By the late 1980's the building converted over to a coop and is now regarded as one of the most desirable pre-war apartment buildings in the Theatre District. 325 West 45th Street features 2 newly renovated elevator cabs. Both the upper walls and lower walls feature a dark wood grain laminate framed with a brushed finish Muntz binders. To make the elevator feel larger, we incorporated a mirror on the rear upper wall panel and framed it with Muntz binders. The lower panels feature a beautiful brushed Muntz inlay design along the dark wood grain laminate - creating delicate texture. The sophistication of this elevator lies in the seamless transition from Laminate to Muntz, making for a timeless design.


the materials involved include the following

  • lighting: four (4) solo beam down light system.

  • wall panels: faced with plastic laminate. rear wall features one (1) safety laminated mirror. all the panels are wrapped with muntz binders & held in place with aluminum z-clips. Lower panels feature muntz inlay pattern.

  • handrails: one (1) faced with muntz .

  • frieze, reveals, base, & fronts: faced with muntz.

  • floor: faced WITH black rubber studded tile flooring.