180 Madison Avenue

Located in Murray Hill, 180 Madison is a 24-story commercial building constructed in 1927. designed in the Art Deco style, she was formerly known as the Lingerie Building due to the large number of lingerie tenants it housed. The building has four elevators, all of which were modernized back in 2016. The design of the cabs is minimalistic, modern, and clean. In each cab, we utilized Muntz, Bottocino Classico Marble, and Black Absolute Granite. Every elevator contains nine horizontal Bottocino Classico panels wrapped with Muntz #4 binders. Muntz is also found on the doors, fronts, and Doors. The floors are made of Black Absolute Granite tiles, a good contrast to the Muntz and beige marble. Simplistic as it may be, it can't be denied that tenants of this 90-year old building will ride in both luxury and style.



The Materials Involved Include the following

  • Lighting: Four (4) L.E.D. light fixture.

  • Wall Panels: Nine (9) faced with natural stone & wrapped with Muntz angles.

  • Fronts: faced with Muntz.

  • Flooring: faced with natural stone.